Here’s a short story I wrote sophomore year of high school which would be about 1992, back when I wrote dark poems and stories to impress Brian Quinn in Monsignor Farrell.

Bob was a trusting fool. Other than that fact he was quite a normal guy. He had a normal wife, normal kids and a normal goldfish. One day Satan decided to pay old Bob a visit. Little did Bob know of this evil presence due to the brilliant disguise Satan had prepared. Satan claimed to be a French foreign exchange student who wanted to live in Bob’s basement for a few weeks until he could find a place. Bob’s wife, also a total moron, still got a bit suspicious of their visitor’s tail and the fact that his only possessions were peoples’ dismembered limbs. One week the whole family re-wallpapered the living room. Satan, already having re-wallpapered the basement with human skin, to make the place more like home, offered to lend a hand. “What a nice guest” Bob thought. Soon Satan became a displeasurable houseguest. He began throwing wild parties with Hitler and Napoleon. Bob got totally fed up when the children were sent home from school for gnawing off their own arms. Bob kicked Satan out. Bob later found out that all the rent checks were bounced and Satan had taken all the blankets he had borrowed with him. He also took all the beer from the fridge and that Chinese take out from the night before…GONE! “This was PURE EVIL!” Bob thought. Bob DID taste some revenge for Satan had dropped a credit card on the way out of the house. The family went on a shopping spree and it was all charged to Satan. Instead of reporting the charges to the credit card company right away, Satan put it off. He kept forgetting to pay it and the interest got higher and higher. Yes indeed Bob did taste a measure of revenge because after that, Satan would forever have……………..BAD CREDIT!