I printed 1000 Balls comics back in the day and I have about 200 of them left. I’d like to sell them. Balls used to sell them and most of his fans bought the comic already which is why he used to ask me to make a part 2 every time I saw him. The book is very funny.
FORMER WCW HARDCORE CHAMP! Crowbar! Crowbar loved his comic book. Balls loved his comic book. Unfortunately, I only have about 50 copies of Crowbar’s comic left because Frank Goodman prebought HALF of them when they were printed. Good news is, that they are all autographed by Crowbar. Bad news is, most of them are autographed by Johnny Diamond.

More about Freak-N-Balls? It was basically a fan fiction comic where Silly Freak and Balls are a tag team, they go to a strip club, get into a brawl with strippers, they go to a buffet and get in a fight with rival wrestlers and hide the bodies. Balls falls in love with a nun. There’s a board game/drinking game on the final page.

More about Freak-N-Maniacs? Tried to take this one in a completely different direction. Since Goodman was the Masked Maniac I made every character have an alter ego,a clone and a robot of them. Robots are taking over wrestling. Johnny Diamond is on a killing spree. Only Crowbar and The Masked Maniac can save wrestling and the world. Really stupid trading cards in the back which I thought would be funny to have only secondary characters on the trading cards. I was smoking A LOT of pot when I made these. Made fun of Masked Maniac always raping a guy in the ass with a hotdog on every show. NOTE: Goodman agreed that I could put all my own characters in the comic along with Maniac and Crowbar INCLUDING Johnny Diamond. Goodman sold copies for $10., $20, & $50. and Frank’s only complaint was that Johnny Diamond was in the comic (even though he agreed to it). JOHNNY didn’t like Freak-N-Maniacs as much as Freak-N-Balls because he didn’t like Goodman (IRONY!) or maybe because he kissed his clone which was half pig and he jumped into a pit to hell for 2 cents (in the comic). Oh and Frank wanted us to do Bam Bam Bigelow’s comic but Bam Bam was getting divorced, so we did Crowbar with Maniac. Frank wanted us to do Bam Bam comic again after Freak-N-Maniacs but I had a falling out with Frank over how hard it was to collect $$$ he owed. Out of all my jobs on the comics, shaking people down for $$$ was the most annoying, mostly cause I was 26 years old and people thought I was a teenager or retarded or a mark. I pride myself on being a mark. It’s a great way to be.